The Natural Running Clinic provide Expert Barefoot Running Coaching, Running Technique Assessments and Running Injury Consultations in Cornwall UK

The Natural Running Clinic was set-up by Cornwall Physio in 2012, to provide performance and injury services specifically for runners. We have services to help all runners, including those who are injury-free and want to improve performance, those with new or recurrent injuries and those with complex or ongoing problems. As Chartered Physiotherapists we are experts in diagnosing and treating running injuries.

Natural Running is about learning to move efficiently, to optimise performance and minimise injury risk. Running well is not about what you do or don’t wear on your feet, it’s about technique and intelligent training. Our technique analysis and coaching packages can be used to transition to barefoot or minimalist running, improve performance in your current footwear, or to help overcome injury.

The Natural Running Clinic will help you to revolutionise the way you run with expert guidance. You can do this with 1:1 coaching, in small groups or as a weekend workshop. Coaching is usually performed at the Cornwall Physio Clinic, Carlyon Bay but we also regularly travel throughout the Southwest including the North and South Coasts of Cornwall to provide workshops and seminars. Our Clinics can be tailored to runners of all levels and experiences.

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